Concrete Technology

ML Engineering offers Concrete Technology

Defects in concrete piles and basements can only be detected by defects in the concrete; therefore an in-depth understanding of advanced concrete technology to assess defects is critical in combination with geotechnical/ structural engineering principles and installation procedures.

The evaluation and assessment of exiting damages to piles or diaphragm walls is also part of our services and the combination of our expertise in concrete technology as well as the in-depth knowledge of construction methods of deep foundation elements will provide our clients with exceptional value in determining the root cause for the damage.

Concrete for deep foundations requires special attention and potential issues like bleeding under pressure, blockages or lack of workability must be considered carefully in the mix design. If not addressed sufficiently, these items can cause significant damage to the foundation elements resulting in additional cost and delays to your project. We help you to review existing concrete mix designs and (re-)design the most efficient concrete mix for your deep foundation project, which includes the pre-production testing regime and the review of the contractor’s construction method statement and quality records.

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