Expert Advice & Forensics

ML Engineering offers expert advice and forensic engineering

Defects in deep foundation elements like piles or basement structures can cause significant costs and delays in construction projects. In order to fully understand the cause of each defect, the in-depth knowledge and understanding of geotechnical and structural analyses, construction methods and behaviour of materials (e.g. concrete and drilling fluids) must be considered in the expert’s assessment.

Our expertise in the design and construction of deep foundation systems in combination with profound understanding of concrete technology and drilling support fluids allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive and well researched assessments of their individual cases. We are able to re-analyse the design of the structure using state-of-the art design tools.

In addition we have the unique capability to comment on constructability issues and to take construction methods, drill tools, equipment and material into the holistic assessment of your individual case. We are also in the position to support contractors in their claims by genuinely understanding the processes and operational considerations on site.

If you are an expert reviewer and you are looking for a specialist who can assist you with specialist knowledge in areas like concrete technology for deep foundations, drilling fluids (concrete inclusions in piles) or bored pile construction methods, CFA piling, diaphragm wall construction, stone columns or ground anchors, please consider our in-depth expertise in those areas.


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